How to Identify a Leaky Skylight


Skylights are a unique design feature that allows natural light to enter dark areas. Skylights are beautiful pieces of art that come with many advantages, however, one drawback is their susceptibility to leakage. Skylights are susceptible to leaks due to the frequent hurricanes that hit Florida. Skylights that aren’t correctly repaired could cause severe damage to property.


Our roofers are delighted to share their 10 years of expertise if you have any concerns about the possibility of a leaky skylight in South Dakota.

What should you do if your skylight is leaky?

Only a thorough inspection will find the presence of a leak.


Skylights are susceptible to excessive condensation because of the humidity levels in Florida and the constant use of air cooling. This isn’t a huge issue and you may require an anti-fogging solution.


Make sure that the skylight is opened completely. Dirt, leaves, sticks and other debris could hinder the skylight’s ability to close correctly, block drains, and block weather frames and seals from forming an impervious seal.


Additionally, weather seals may get old due to exposure to sunlight and water. Weather seals that have been damaged or worn out are the most common reason for skylight leaks. They are also the easiest to fix as they only require the repair of the seals.


It’s sometimes not the skylight that’s the issue and it’s more common for roof leaks to occur. A roof that is sloped could cause damaged tiles or shingles that are above the skylight. The water can then flow through the roof, eventually reaching the skylight.


Skylight Repairs Everybody Should Know About

There is a popular belief that skylights all leak. This is particularly the case for older skylights as well as ones that weren’t correctly installed. Experts can fix your skylight that is leaking or damaged. The majority of problems stem from the flashing that surrounds the roof’s entrance point that allows moisture to get into the roof. The dampness could cause stained ceilings, bad air quality, or any other damages to your house. If you spot problems with your skylights, it’s essential to get them examined and fixed as soon as you can.


The third most frequent reason why a skylight leak is that the weather seals are not in good condition. It is due to damage to the insulated glass and the space between the frame and the glass. Skylight replacement is the only option to fix damaged glass.


Repair any leaks in the flashing region between the skylight and your roof using roofing cement as well as modified papers. To fix any issues and to seal the flashing around the skylight, we suggest hiring an experienced roofing contractor immediately.


In addition, older skylights constructed of non-corrosive substances like stainless steel and aluminum or that are not coated with suitable waterproofing material may have to be changed.

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