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Posted: Apr 29, 2021 / 9:18 AM CDT
Updated: April 29, 2021 / 9:31 AM CDT

Good morning … it was an interesting day yesterday with storms and rains on site … and then last night to watch massive thunderstorms in the southern plains and in Texas creating extremely devastating hail.

Last night’s storms are likely to cause damage in the south of $ 100 million, and maybe more. It will be a weather disaster that will not be captured by other weather disasters. The hail was the size of softballs and crashed through the roofs of the houses as it fell. Several major cities were hit around the same time … including San Antonio, Fort Worth and Norman, OK. Bad night for insurance down there.

For us, we saw amounts of rain between about 1/3 “and over 4” in Cass County. When it rained it came down hard and fast … almost 2 inches in an hour … and that led to road flooding before things drained away.

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Today: Mostly sunny, airy and mild with heights up to the 1970s

This evening: Clear and cool with lows in the upper 40s

Tomorrow: Wonderful with lighter winds and heights in the upper 70’s

The weekend: Saturday will be windy and warm with highs in the 80s and Sunday will have increasing clouds and the possibility of showers later in the day or night. Heights up to the 70s

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First, yesterday’s rain adds up.

However, areas further south saw more …

Then there was the problem of massive hailstorms last night … there were 3 large supercells and San Antonio, Fort Worth and Norman, among other communities, were hit hard.

Hail on the 12th northeast and Rock Creek in Norman just blew up at least one window of our home. We could hear it coming before it got here. This is the largest hailstone we found that had already melted. #okwx

– Darrian Bertrand (@dbertrandwx) April 29, 2021

Alone between the roofs, windows and cars … it will be an extremely expensive series of storms.

Interestingly, the largest hailstorm in terms of damage occurred in Phoenix, of all places. Over 3 BILLION from a 2010 storm. Lots of golf ball size stones from this one.

As of last night, however, only in the Ft Worth area of ​​

The square miles (133) affected by the golf ball or larger hailstones are immense. 44,000 households. 18,000 homes may have had an impact in the Norman, OK area.

Interesting data and without a doubt the roofers and insurance specialists.

Perhaps expect more about it on the news today and tomorrow.

As cities grow in size and population, the damage increases … and you can see the parallels with KC.

The main driver of these thunderstorm losses is rapid expansion and population / exposure growth. Dallas – Fort Worth is the best example of the “expanding porthole”. Storm environments also become more conducive to more intense events. Not a good combination.

– Steve Bowen (@SteveBowenWx) April 29, 2021

Back to KC … the next issue for us is Sunday through next week. An upper level system spinning in Texas will come out sometime later this weekend and early next week. How and where it comes out will affect our probability of rain on Sunday.

You can see it spinning around down there near El Paso, TX.

Now let’s go to about 18,000 feet and watch the storm.

Notice how it comes out. IF it goes a little further south … we won’t get the rain from it … it will stay south as well. As it is, we are really in the far north.

It appears that another storm is coming on Tuesday, so the chance of rain remains, but it may be less on Monday … and will increase again on Tuesday. A cold front will kick in before Tuesday though … bringing the region out into the cooler air, I believe … assuming that happens … we’ll dodge another storm hazard to start the month of May.

In fact, the instability seems to be on the whole meager until the middle of next week, before picking up again next weekend.

Now the timing of the Tuesday system and the pre-arriving front could affect this … and just because we have unstable air this coming weekend doesn’t mean we will have a trigger for anything.

Today’s feature photo is from Ben downstairs at Lees Summit


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