Landmarks in Holly: A Review of the Historic Landmarks

There are so many Landmarks in Holly Springs that anyone interested in real estate should take the time to learn about them. While many people assume that historic landmarks and property values will always be a good investment, there is definitely an economic value in maintaining these properties. They can provide a valuable source of income as well as a sense of pride for your family. Take some time to learn about some of the most important ones in the area.


Mountain Laurel Home and Farms: This is one of the best Landmarks in Holly Springs. This beautiful land is surrounded by a picturesque landscape of rolling hills. As you drive into this area, you will notice a small bridge that crosses Lookout Mountain and makes for a perfect photo opportunity. The views are outstanding and make this an ideal place to invest in. The value of this property may never go down but you won’t see any action happening here. This is a great option for retirees.


Rockaway Farm: This is another favorite among those who love to vacation in the area. It is right off Larch Tree Road and is set on its own small parcel of property. Rockaway Farm is a great place to spend the day strolling through the area. It offers spectacular views of the mountains, while at the same time offers a relaxing atmosphere. You can stop and enjoy a cup of tea at the charming Topsail Rest Stop on Your Way To Freedom. The price of this property is reasonable when compared with other historic properties in the area.


Hillspring Farm: This is another unique Landmark in Holly Springs that provides an excellent view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is set on its own land between Lake Briscoe and the Blowing Bush River. If you visit this beautiful area, you may come across quite a few antique tractors that have been restored by their previous owners. Take in the history by touring the farm itself or even strolling through the grounds.


Killarney Station: This is a unique addition to the area. It is the oldest station in the state of Virginia. It was established in 1734 and has many antiques and Victorian buildings that are still in good condition. The hotel offers several restaurants that offer some wonderful dining options.


Blairsville Pottery: There are many Blairsville pottery collectors and carvers in the area. The shop is housed in an old courthouse building that was once used as a courthouse. There are many wonderful antique pieces here that are known throughout the world. You can purchase pottery that dates back several generations. You can also learn more about the history of the town by visiting the Blairsville Community Museum.


Faulder’s Mountain Pottery: This historic store is on North Belmont Mountain. The store features a large collection of pottery, glassware and ceramics. They carry many types of souvenirs for your home and garden. There are also many gift items such as wall hangings, cookbooks, and postcards from your home. The shop also features local artwork that you can purchase as well.


Landmarks in Holly include many great places to eat. If you are planning a dinner party, then you will want to consider the restaurants in the area. Many of these restaurants feature locally caught foods that are made with the freshest ingredients available. They also serve foods that are healthy and delicious. As you tour the historical areas of the area, you will be able to take back some memories that will last a lifetime.

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