Man who’d been kicked out of Fort Worth strip club is shot by security guard during brief shootout

UPDATED at 4:00 p.m.: Continuously updated with more information from the security officer.

After bouncers kicked him out of the Fort Worth strip club, the man in the red ball cap walked over to his car and grabbed a shotgun.

He ended up in a hospital and was shot at least twice in a short shootout with a security guard in the parking lot.

Fort Worth police said the shooter caused a disturbance at Bucks Cabaret at around 11:45 p.m. on Friday on the 2300 block on Meacham Boulevard. They didn’t give his name.

The guard is a 36-year-old former Fort Worth Army soldier named Clinton Beam who has been on duty for four months. He said the man was drunk and had an argument with his girlfriend at the club. When the man tried to push a bouncer, Beam said he was handcuffed and taken outside to cool off.

After a manager removed the cuffs, Beam said the man went to his white Chrysler sedan, opened the trunk, pulled out a single-action pump gun, and fired two shots into the air.

Beam said he drew his own gun, a .40 Beretta.

He said he didn’t remember calling “down” but everyone else standing outside told him later that he did.

The man in the bullet cap shot in front of the building, Beam said. He returned fire.

The two men shot each other between rows of cars in the parking lot, Beam said, smashing windshields and littering the floor with spent grenades.

Beam’s gun blocked while hiding behind a car, he said. He saw the man in the driver’s seat of the white Chrysler. He said he had reloaded and walked over to the Chrysler.

He said that he called “out” three times as he approached the car, but that the man didn’t answer.

Beam said he fired three shots at the driver’s door.

“Let me see your hands,” Beam said as he moved to the front of the car. No Answer. Another five laps in the windshield.

Somebody called the police. Beam said he and a club manager pulled the man out of the car. He was hit at least twice – once in the ribs and once in the armpit, Beam said. Beam said he and the manager were putting pressure on the man’s wounds until paramedics arrived.

An ambulance took the man to a nearby hospital in stable condition, police said. Its condition is unknown. No charges have been filed, but police say the investigation is still ongoing.

Later, Beam said, someone called him a hero. He said the police told him that if he hadn’t been there the man might have walked into the club with the shotgun.

“People are lucky that it wasn’t worse that night,” said Beam on Saturday. “You just never know how it could work.”

After midnight, officials gathered evidence and had police tape tied around the man’s car, shotgun shells and his red bullet cap still on the ground. Meanwhile, the club music continued to boom from inside the building.

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