Monkey King Noodle Co. goes for the dumplings at Fort Worth food hall

The newest restaurant at Fort Worth’s Food Hall on Crockett Row is open, with a departure from its original roots: Monkey King Noodle Company skips the pasta and goes for dumplings.

Owner and chief noodle maker Andrew Chen founded the Deep Ellum restaurant in 2013 to promote authentic North China street food. His menu was inspired by the night markets in China and Taiwan. This included the focus on hand-pulled pasta, which has become a local trend.

But for Fort Worth, he’ll limit the focus to dumplings in a variety of flavors.

Chen says they are spinning due to location restrictions.

“It’s just dumplings because we don’t have a hood and we can’t make soup without a hood,” he says. “We had a conversation with the people who run the dining room and they said they’d still like to have a dumpling shop. So let’s make a simple menu that lights dumplings.”

They come in an order of 10 dumplings for $ 9.50, with a choice of pork dumplings with pork, napa cabbage, and Chinese chives; or vegetarian dumplings with edamame and tofu.

He also makes wontons: pork wontons in a chilli sauce, garnished with spring onions and coriander; or mushroom gontons with enoki, wooden ears and oyster mushrooms. Sides include spicy cucumber salad and Napa coleslaw with green onion vinaigrette.

Monkey King is no stranger to grocery halls as he previously ran a booth in Legacy Hall, the grocery hall in Plano. Monkey King also had a restaurant in Carrollton. Both locations were closed in 2018.

But he likes dining rooms as an opportunity to showcase the kitchen. “I came here as a Chinese kid who grew up in Dallas and used to grill with chopsticks,” he says.

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