New elephant habitat opens at Fort Worth Zoo


Fort Worth Zoo celebrates the opening of its newest habitat – Elephant Springs.

The space includes lush green spaces and watering holes where the zoo’s Asian elephants and larger rhinos with a horn can roam. It is almost three times the size of its previous room.

It also features a themed floating observation deck, interactive water features, new toilets, and goods for guests to enjoy.

Behind the scenes at Elephant Springs, there are new air-conditioned areas, classrooms, food preparation kitchens and stalls for the animals at night.

“As the country’s leading zoo, we are confident that the changes and improvements that are taking place here will further enhance our profile as the best zoo in the country and an international leader in animal care and conservation,” said Fort Wert Zoo President Ardon Moore.

Elephant Springs is the second phase of the Fort Worth Zoo’s $ 100 million capital campaign, which aims to renovate habitats and create new ways to observe and interact with the animals.

“We are excited to meet guests here at the Fort Worth Zoo face-to-face with some of the most unique creatures in the world,” said Michael Fouraker, executive director of the zoo. “While these animals have been at the zoo for some time, guests can get closer to these animals and get involved in ways they have never been able to do before. Elephant Springs will also shed light on the struggles that many of them have animals Face in the wild. “

The next phase of the project opening in 2023 will include expanded habitats for lions, tigers, hyenas, African wild dogs, cloudy leopards, cheetahs and various exotic bird species from the zoo.

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