New report shows how much it pays to work in tech in Dallas-Fort Worth

It’s really worth it to work in the technology area in DFW.

A report published Jan. 11 by Austin-based technology company Spanning Cloud Apps LLC shows that workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area can more than double their salaries by doing a technical job. In fact, DFW ranks fourth among the largest metropolitan areas in the country in terms of wage advantages in technical professions compared to all professions.

According to the report, the median annual wage for a DFW tech job in 2019 was $ 91,760. By comparison, the median annual wage for all occupations was $ 40,430. This means that the median wage for technology in the region is 127 percent above the median wage for all professions, so that DFW ranks fourth in this category.

No wonder that some call Dallas-Fort Worth “the new Silicon Valley”.

DFW is just ahead of two other Lone Star hotspots: Houston ranks fifth at 124.8 percent and San Antonio ranks sixth at 124.7 percent in terms of wage bonuses offered by tech jobs. Austin ranks 27th with a wage premium of 106.1 percent for technical professions.

DFW ($ 91,760) ranks 12th among major subway areas. Houston ranks 15th ($ 91,190), Austin ranked 24th ($ 85,640), and San Antonio ranked 30th ($ 81,870).

The report identifies 158,490 technicians at the Metroplex, placing DFW fifth among major subway areas, with Houston 15th (84,040), Austin 18th (66,800) and San Antonio 35th (28,200) lies.

The overall report, based on data collected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, shows that 4.3 percent of DFW employees work in computing and math, the 13th among major metros.

Austin ranks sixth (6.2 percent), but Houston and San Antonio are at the bottom of the stack – # 41 (2.8 percent) and # 42 (2.7 percent), respectively.

San Jose, California ranks first with 12.7 percent of the workforce in computing and math professions.

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A version of this story first appeared on our sister site InnovationMap.

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