New Takeout and Delivery Extravaganza to Help Fill Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival Void

L.Like most festivals and large gatherings, the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival had to cancel its feeding frenzy this year. However, the festival’s management is determined to keep the local restaurants and bars at the center. Even if it is from afar.

The festival starts EAT. DRINK. COWTOWN. It’s a progressive party that celebrates the local food and drink community.

The replacement event will take place from October 19-25. The weeklong event features special roadside takeaway and delivery options, as well as unique pairings that encourage foodies to support the Tarrant County’s food and beverage community and get a taste of what they are doing. I was missing

A sliced ​​beef platter.

“EAT. DRINK. COWTOWN. Is held at the 2020 Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival. We’re showing all the good things to eat and drink in town and reminding the community how amazing our local restaurants and bars are.” “says Julie Eastman, executive director of the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival and Foundation.” We show the rugged talent and hospitality in Cowtown and invite customers to as many local restaurants, bars, breweries, distilleries and wineries as possible visit.

“We’re all in it together and we’re strong because we’re locals who support locals.”

The participants create special offers especially for the EAT. DRINK. COWTOWN. They have developed daily specials, imaginative food and drink pairings, or new and imaginative take-away family meals that people can have delivered to their doorstep or that they can pick up on the side of the road. Visit the festival website for the latest offers. The full list of participating companies can be found here. This includes many of the best restaurants and bars in Fort Worth.

FWFWF Joe Riscky's barbecue from 2019 Joe Riscky’s Grill from 2019.

The Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival was originally founded to support the Fort Worth Food + Wine Foundation – a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and certification of food and beverages. This year, the foundation redirected its support to help the local restaurant industry respond to their growing needs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic shutdown. The theme of the redesigned festival this year is giving back. To date, the foundation has provided more than $ 106,000 in restaurant employee relief during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ongoing fundraising continues to provide financial relief for local food and beverage industry employees who are struggling during the pandemic. (To donate to the Relief Fund, click here. To apply on behalf of an employee, click here.)

Food and beverage companies are regularly asked to donate their products, services, and endless gift cards to support other fundraisers. Over the past several years, restaurants and bars have donated their time and much of their food costs to attend the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival. This is the year everyone gives something back to an industry that has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic like no other.

“The pandemic has been particularly cruel for the service industry, and we’d like to take a moment to support them in everything they do for the festival, for local patrons and for charitable events year after year. Now is the time to let your local restaurants and bars know to stay, ”said Russell Kirkpatrick, co-founder of the Fort Worth Food + Wine Festival.

EAT. DRINK. COWTOWN is not just an entertaining alternative to the festival that cannot go on. It’s a question of survival in the restaurant.

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