New Tex-Mex Restaurant Takes Over a Prime Fort Worth Space — Your First Look at Maria’s Mexican Kitchen

S.Since Felipe Armenta opened his Tavern restaurant on Hulen Street in Fort Worth in 2010, he has become a real force on the Fort Worth food scene.

He followed with Pacific Table, his ode to the Pacific Northwest, which has two restaurant locations, one on University Drive and one in Las Colinas, as well as the Press Cafe, which was one of the first things to open in Clearfork. While Armenta’s Cork & Pig Tavern has closed on Crockett Row this year, there is still one in Irving.

Now Armenta Maria’s Mexican cuisine is opening in the former Hoffbrau Steak & Grill House on 1712 S. University Drive, right on Riverfront Drive by Tim Love’s Woodshed Smokehouse and just a few blocks from the Pacific Table.

“We’re shooting for the opening on January 21st,” Armenta told PaperCity Fort Worth.

“I’ve always loved the website and when it became available on Mother’s Day it seemed like the perfect opportunity. My mother died almost two years ago. It’s named after her – thanks to her for everything she taught me in the kitchen. “

Felipe Armenta opens another new restaurant in Fort Worth. Maria’s Mexican cuisine is named after his mother.

Maria’s Mexican cuisine will be Armenta’s first true Tex-Mex restaurant, though you can get a sneak peek of it on some of his other menus. His father still owns the Armenta’s Cafe family restaurant in San Angelo, which has a history of almost 30 years. Felipe Armenta grew up in the kitchen – and his mother’s influence is always present.

The new restaurant offers a variety of authentic enchiladas – flavorful Vera Cruz, West Texas cheese, and chicken mole.

“My mother’s mole sauce was amazing,” says Armenta. In Maria’s Mexican Mexico, Armenta’s mother’s signature dish with braised short ribs will also be on display.

“Whenever we had company or vacation, my mother made this dish,” says the restaurateur.

Along with a variety of what Armenta calls “other everyday Tex-Mex” dishes, his “more complicated and original” specialties are served, such as steamed sea bass in banana leaves and chipotle lime sauce with sautéed vegetables.

Since Maria’s Mexican cuisine was the home of Hoffbrau for almost 40 years, Armenta knew he had to shake off the decor of the brewing chips and the wagon wheel and start over.

“We have completely gutted it,” he told PaperCity. The facade is no longer provided with barn wood, but has a fresh Spanish mission style.

There will be 160 seats inside and another 80 on the terrace, which is now covered by whitewashed walls made of cinder blocks.

“We use the natural light in the restaurant. The first thing you will see upon entering is the horseshoe shaped bar, ”says Armenta. The formerly dark interior is now brightened up with many pastel and water tones.

“My mother loved flowers, so we used colors from some exotic flowers. We want it to feel like a place in San Miguel de Allende. “

A taste of San Miguel

The interior design is done by Kellye Raughton, owner and lead designer of Maven on Camp Bowie.

“For me, this design is both modern and versatile. I feel like we took the old world in but modernized it. We brought really elegant textiles, velvet, mohair and silk, ”Raughton told PaperCity.

The designer also chose really unique materials for the surfaces in the restaurant. For example, the bar surround is made of black and white marble with a brass insert. “The countertops are from Concrete Collaborative and are all the colors we use in the restaurant,” says Raughton.

The floor in the completely renovated room is a mixture of black terrazzo and porcelain with a wood look. The back of the bar is made of smoked mirror and the walls are covered with Venetian plaster and wood paneling.

“One of the best parts of a visit to San Miguel is the secret gardens behind every door. I wanted to bring nature in with plants and make the terrace look like you’ve stepped into one of the private gardens, ”says Raughton of all the greenery installed in it.

Felipe Armenta’s new Fort Worth restaurant is supposed to take the guests away. As a tribute to his mother and his family’s roots in Mexico, Maria opens up Mexican cuisine with a lot of heart.

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