Nonprofit Targets Underserved Communities With Pop-Up Vaccine Events – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

As supply catches up with demand for the COVID-19 vaccine, great efforts are being made to reach people in their own communities and neighborhoods.

A vaccination session was held at the United Methodist Church of St. Luke Community in Dallas on Friday.

“Unfortunately, people who aren’t interested in getting vaccinated won’t eagerly jump to places like Fair Park, but they can go to church because they trust the church,” said Richie Butler, founder of the Unity and nonprofit project Senior pastor in the church.

Dominique May was one of hundreds of people who received their second dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at the Church’s pop-up vaccination center on Friday.

“That’s a lot better because I’ve heard stories from people who have to stand in line for three hours like they’re waiting for Jordans or something. But that is much more convenient. This is a great place to get vaccinated, ”May said.

Project Unity’s Together We Vaccinate program is expanding to West Dallas, DeSoto and other locations to reach underserved and vaccine-reluctant areas.

“I think the fact that there is hesitation and there is a slowdown means that you have to be more grounded. You have to work harder and not just advertise. I think you literally have to work with those who have feet on the ground, ”said Butler.

The next vaccination popup is on Monday at Disciple Central Community Church at 901 N. Polk St., Suite 1010 in DeSoto.

To register and learn more about the event, click here.

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