North Fort Worth project will take diners for a ride with a Ferris wheel

A restaurant along the way in North Fort Worth will have its own amusement park ride.

Construction work for the AllianceTexas development on the Truck Yard, an indoor and outdoor dining campus with a ferris wheel, has begun.

The food destination will be part of the mixed-use development of the Alliance Town Center on Interstate 35W and is scheduled to open this fall.

The Fort Worth location is built on the popular “Beer Garden and Adult Playground” Truck Yard in downtown Houston.

“Truck Yard not only expands our dining and entertainment options at Alliance Town Center, it also brings a relaxed atmosphere right into the heart of AllianceTexas,” said Mark Miller, senior vice president of retail for AllianceTexas developer Hillwood, in a statement. “Unlike anything currently available in Tarrant County, the ferris wheel, live music setup, numerous game options, and beer hall keep every guest” fun. “

The 2 acre Fort Worth project features hand-painted murals, western-style decor, a play area for adults and children, and a special dog park.

Visitors can dine and drink on outdoor patios and in a pole barn in West Texas.

“With construction going on, we’re one step closer to introducing Texan terrace culture to AllianceTexas,” said Jason Boso, owner and CEO of restaurant company Brainstorm Shelter, in a statement. “This location will have a magnetic feel to the Fort Worth Honky Tonk Beer Hall and the largest indoor space any of our locations can offer.”

Brainstorm Shelter operates other restaurants including Twisted Root Burgers, Tacos & Avocados, and the other truck yards in the Lower Greenville neighborhoods of Dallas, The Colony, and Houston.

Truck Yard’s Houston location also has a ferris wheel.(Hillwood)

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