North Texas Man Charged In Murder Of Neighbor, Victim’s Family Calls It A Hate Crime – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Heartbroken but not surprised. A family in North Texas calls the murder of a loved one last month a hate crime.

Antonio Robinson, 39, was shot dead outside his Fort Worth maisonette in September. A white neighbor, Edward James Murray, 54, was arrested and charged with murder.

“So that people just hate her,” said Lewis Robinson, Antonio’s older brother, when he loses a valiant battle to hold back tears. “There are many people who have this hatred in them and now they have been given the authority to stick out their chests and believe that nothing is being done.”

He says the Robinsons grew up in rural Mississippi – happy but surrounded by hatred. The shadow of Emmitt Till’s murder always close by.

“I know the bridge they threw him off,” said Lewis. “I know the barn they hit him in … but something has to be done to deal with it in 2020.”

He says his brother Antonio was playful and easygoing and did not show hostility to anyone.

“He just wanted to work … try to take care of something, something and someone is taking your life,” said Lewis.

According to the warrant’s affidavit, a witness told police that suspect Murray hurled swear words and racial slurs as he passed Antonio Robinson’s front door on Sunday evening, September 27. Both lived in maisonettes near Berry and 820 in Fort Worth. After these records, Murray returned moments later and slammed on Robinson’s security gate. When he finally showed up and asked what he wanted, those documents state that Murray “drew a silver revolver and shot without provocation”.

According to Fort Worth Police, Robinson was shot five times. His girlfriend’s 9-year-old son called 911 trying to pressure to stop the bleeding when dispatchers asked to speak to his mother.

“To die by a known criminal, a white man … it just adds salt to the wound. I will be honest with you. The unimaginable happened to my family, ”says Robinson.

The family is especially outraged that Murray, a registered sex offender convicted of gross sexual assault with a 9-year-old girl, is being held on a $ 100,000 bond.

“The prosecutor’s office and the judges must be held accountable for equal justice,” said Monique Robinson, Lewis’ wife. “How do you have the leeway to even bond someone in this situation?”

Both insist that a black man accused of murdering his white neighbor would have a much higher bond if the situation had been reversed, if release was an option at all.

“I just wonder what is the value of a black life?” asks Lewis Robinson. “Can someone tell me? I am not a lawyer or a judge. What is the value of a black life if someone murders you? “

As he prepares to bury his youngest brother this weekend, tears return, accompanied by a plea.

“I just want you to do the right thing,” said Lewis.

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