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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – North Texas staff shortages are affecting hundreds of restaurants in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

As the state is urged to end the pandemic unemployment, people are looking for work – some restaurants stand ready to raise wages.

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“We’re having a little trouble getting employees up to the level we need as the pandemic hits the track and business is picking up again,” said AJ Tyree, manager of City Works.

City Works is one of the many locations that incentivize servers and chefs to find work and stay.

“We’re offering a $ 250 sign-up bonus for our Fort Worth location. It’s also like a recruitment bonus, so our in-house employees can earn $ 200 after 30 days of successful employment, ”said Tyree. “And then we actually offer the same bonus for our sister station in Frisco, but $ 500.”

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While many places are trying to stay one step ahead of the staffing crisis, some may not have acted fast enough.

According to their Facebook page, the Waxahachie catfish plantation had to close this Friday and Saturday due to a lack of staff.

The owner of Ellen’s in Dallas has revised the wage structure and raised the minimum wage for employees.

“We guarantee our servers up to $ 20 an hour, if they don’t make $ 20 an hour, including their tips, we’ll make up the difference,” said Joe Groves, co-owner of Ellen’s. “We’re also working on paying fairer payments in the kitchen because they don’t partake in tips and that’s one of the most underpaid parts of the restaurant.”

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Click here for a list of restaurants with job vacancies.

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