Olivella’s Fort Worth closes but rolls out new concept down the road

A pizzeria in Fort Worth is closing but will return with a new downsized approach. OlivellaThe Italian Neapolitan pizza restaurant, which opened in the Village at Camp Bowie in 2016, is closing after four years.

But Olivella is not leaving Fort Worth. Instead, Charlie Green will own the restaurant as a delivery and take-out model at 4910 Camp Bowie Blvd. reopen across from Kincaid’s.

“We’re downsizing,” he says. “We’re going to leave this large room for a smaller location on the bricks about a mile away that can only be exported and shipped. We tried four years, but the old location was just too big.”

Green says he looks forward to introducing a new business model.

“What we discovered during COVID-19 is that the demand for delivery and execution is higher,” he says. “We’ve been delivering and exporting all along and I feel good about rivaling our authentic Neapolitan and Roman style pizzas in this area.”

The menu is basically the same as what was served in the old place, but it’s also “scaled down” slightly.

“It’s a slightly smaller menu, but of course we still have starters, salads, pastas, sandwiches, desserts and pizzas,” he says. “But we are also deeply involved in the delivery of beer and wine, and I’m excited about that because it means we can have the entire authentic Italian experience. Basically, it’s the restaurant minus the service.”

Two other Olivella locations are still open: the original one near the SMU and a second location in Dallas on Abrams and Mockingbird Lane. The Water Street location in Irving closed in September, as did El Famoso, Green’s California-style Mexican restaurant.

Pizza is a kitchen that has weathered the pandemic a little more stably than some other categories because it already had such a robust to-go operation. The other big category that thrived was chicken, and green is all about that.

“We’re adding wings of dipping sauces that have an Italian theme,” he says.

They also offer in-house delivery. “This avoids exorbitant delivery prices from third parties and long waiting times,” he says.

The new location will open on December 3rd.

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