One Of North Texas’ First COVID-19 Survivors Rev. Dr. Robert Pace, ‘I Am So Grateful’ – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Even if time seems to go by with COVID-19 under control, has it really only been 8 months since this virus turned life as we knew it upside down? Yes.

Just ask Rev. Dr. Robert Pace, Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Fort Worth. He was one of the earliest confirmed diagnoses in North Texas, and told CBS 11 during an April interview, “When people try to say this is like the flu, but a little worse, it’s like the flu, and then you think you are go die … “

Rev. Pace survived – but it took months for him to fully recover physically. Even now, like most of us, he is managing the emotional toll.

“I think that’s really important to acknowledge,” says Rev. Pace. “It’s hard not to be close to everyone at this point.” It’s just hard. “

And yet the survival of an illness that according to state health statistics has made more than 240,000 North Texans sick in 8 short months also gives him a perspective. An estimated 21,000 have died nationwide.

Yes, he’s grateful for his health – but that’s just the beginning.

“I watch the news and watch all these people doing little things that make a difference in the world – and I’m so grateful! This is how we make it through this difficult time. “

He says his personal journey with COVID-19 will absolutely impact his Thanksgiving message to his community – and he also encourages gratitude and adherence to health guidelines as a well-timed message for the larger community.

“I think it’s so important that we take all of these precautions: that we wear masks, physical distance … and that’s one of the ways we do this together and take care of each other.”

Despite the fatigue from COVID-19, the bigger picture, he says, is making it through this pandemic.

“And we’ll get through this,” says Rev. Pace. “We really will do it.”


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