One university makes the grade in week’s hottest Fort Worth headlines

Editor’s note: A lot has happened this week so here is your chance to be caught up with. Read on for the week’s most popular headlines.

1. A university in Dallas-Fort Worth ranks as one of the best US colleges for this value. In one measure, the University of Texas at Dallas offers one of the best scores among public colleges in the Lone Star State. In a ranking published on April 20, The Princeton Review named UT Dallas the 40th best value among public universities in the United States. It was the only university in Dallas-Fort Worth to list either the 50 best public or private schools.

2. Popular Dallas-Fort Worth road trip routes, considered the most dangerous in the US on Interstate 45 from North Texas to Galveston. For its survey, the fleet tracking company Teletrac Navman examined data from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) from 2016 to 2019. The report revealed staggering numbers of deaths and incidents.

3. Broadway on bass raises the curtain with the jubilant 2021-22 season. Shortly after Dallas Summer Musicals announced its grand return to the indoor stage in August (yes, as in three months), Performing Arts Fort Worth unveiled its own Broadway 2021-22 for the bass season. The six-show series includes many of the titles previously planned prior to COVID-19, as well as a newly added hit show straight from Broadway.

4. The long-lost North Fort Worth restaurant gets a fresh shot as a Craft Coffee House. Fort Worth’s north side finally gets caffeinated later this year when an artisanal coffee house takes over a space that was once occupied by a popular restaurant. Casa Azul Coffee is expected to move into the former Sammy’s Restaurant at 300 W. Central Ave. in early fall.

5. Fort Worth’s elegant Cafe Modern is back with a new menu and celebrity chef. One of Fort Worth’s most elegant treasures is the comeback with a little celebrity Ka-Pow: Café Modern, the renowned restaurant in the Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth, will be under new management on May 18 with a new menu and a new one Menu reopened famous new chef.

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