Pick up 4th of July meals to-go from these Fort Worth restaurants

Like every public holiday since the pandemic began, Independence Day will look very different this year. There will be no mass gatherings for fireworks, no festivals, no in-person concerts, and no one out and about without a mask on as a mask is required to be worn in Tarrant County’s shops.

But the vacation itself isn’t canceled, and many restaurants have fun July 4th-themed menus for roadside pickup, perfect for socially distant picnics and small house gatherings with the family. Selected dishes offer classic dishes for the American Independence Day, from grill-ready burgers and smoked brisket to roasted chicken and mixed berry tarts. Check the order deadlines and schedule collection on July 3rd or 4th.

Angelo’s Bar-B-Que

The 62-year-old BBQ joint on White Settlement Road sells family take-away meals for up to eight people. Choose from two packages: one with turkey, brisket and sausage; and one with ribs, brisket and sausage. Each comes with two sides ranging from beans, coleslaw, and potato salad to mac and cheese, green beans, and corn on the cob. Please ask for price. Meals can be ordered the same day. Angelo’s will be open on July 4th from 11am to 3pm.

Blue Mesa Grill

Just in time for lounging by the pool on the weekend, the Dallas-based Southwest kitchen chain has launched its Picnics & Poolside To Go packages. The Latin Chicken Picnic ($ 15 per person) consists of seasoned grilled chicken and pineapple mango salsa, grilled corn, jicama coleslaw, and poblano ranch potato salad. The Poolside Snacking Package ($ 14 per person) includes queso, guac, taquitos with black beans, taquitos with barbecue pork, wings, and steak tortilla rolls. Both packages contain rainbow chips and salsas, fresh fruit skewers and brownie bites. There are at least eight servings per order. Add frozen or stone blue margaritas per liter ($ 20) or gallon ($ 50). Don’t miss the red, white, and blue margarita ($ 5) available July 3-5 if you dine inside (or wait for an order to be picked up).

Brix barbecue

Let the barbecue pros do the tedious pit tuxedo this holiday weekend. Order by July 1 at 9:00 PM to pick up a whole smoked brisket ($ 95, up to $ 12) or rack of ribs ($ 28) from this South Fort Worth barbecue stall. Please note that pick-up is on July 4th from 10am to 12pm at SmokeStream, Brix Airstream, 218 Bryan Ave.

The butcher at B & B.

July is National Barbecue Month, and the upscale butcher in Clearfork’s stores is offering four summer barbecue packages in time for the vacation. They range from the Family Grill Package (US $ 55) with Wagyu Burger Patties, Wagyu Hot Dogs, Thick Sliced ​​Bacon, and Hill Country Sausage to the King of the Grill Package (US $ 475), which features 10 different Prime and Wagyu -Steaks ($ 40) includes -ounce Prime Long Bone and everything in the Family Grill Package. There is also a picnic basket package (USD 149) with cheese, fruit, ham, chocolates, and a selection of wines. Order with 24 hours lead time. Do you need a grill? B&B can offer that too. The portable Otto Grill (US $ 999) from Otto Wilde Grillers cooks steaks in just three minutes at temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees. It is available in the butcher’s shop. The B & B Butchers & Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner on July 4th.

The downtown brewery and grill stand are officially closed to entry as they are considered a bar. However, she still sells family packages for vacation. Get a pound and a half of brisket, a full rib, a pound and a half jalapeño cheddar sausage, a pint of chipotle macaroni pasta salad, and a choice of potato salad or baked beans for $ 89. The package also includes Texas Toast and a 4-pack of Cold Fort Worth Beer from the brewery can. Order by July 2nd or 3rd at 4pm and pick it up the next day after 12pm.

Ellerbe Fine Foods

While the restaurant is closed from July 3rd to 5th, Ellerbe Fine Foods is now accepting orders for fried chicken dishes to take away on July 4th. The package contains 12 mixed pieces of Paw Paw’s Rib Rub Brined Roast Chicken, a pint of cornbread salad, a pint of potato salad, a pint of baked beans, half a pint of pickled vegetables, and enough mixed berry cobblers to feed four. Orders are $ 70 (or $ 45 for the sides only) and must be received by 4:00 p.m. July 1st for roadside pickup on July 3rd.


The upscale downtown restaurant is offering a grill package with all ingredients on July 4th. It comes with homemade fillet burger patties, cheddar-filled keelbasa with cherry mustard, poppy seed buns, thickly cut Tillamook cheddar slices, heirloom tomatoes, baby gem salad, Texas sweet onions, homemade Thousand Island dressing, bread and butter cucumbers and Potato salad. The package costs $ 80 for four and $ 40 for two. There are also steak and cocktail kits available. Order by July 1st for collection on July 3rd.


Get a taste of Fort Worth with Reata’s 4th Fort Worth BBQ Package loaded with locally sourced produce. The $ 50 deal for four includes four homemade 8-ounce fillet patties, Pearl Snap Kolaches rolls, Best Maid pickles, tortilla chips, and Mrs. Renfros salsa, a 6-inch cherry and berry cake from Sweet Lucy’s Pies an assorted six-pack from Rahr & Sons. Add $ 40 per additional package. Order by 5:00 p.m. on July 2nd for collection between July 3rd and 4th at 4:00 p.m.

Silver Fox Steakhouse

The steakhouse’s backyard burger kit is enough to feed four to six hungry people. The $ 50 pack contains six pound Angus beef burger patties with all the signature burger toppings, aged cheddar, sesame buns, burger condiments, and even half a dozen freshly baked cookies. Order now for collection by July 3rd.

The table

Nosh and sip rosé all day July 4th with a special three-meal package from this market and culinary studio near Southside. The “Rosé All Day” package includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two ($ 98) and the option to add four bottles of Rose ($ 60) paired by Cadillac Wines staff. Enjoy sourdough waffles with lavender whipped cream and breakfast balls. blackened chicken salad; Afternoon pool-time snacks, including ricotta, ham, and sourdough chips; and a Mediterranean dinner with prawns, beef and lamb tops with side dishes. Order now for collection on July 3rd.

Tim Love

The busy chef offers a simple chill and grill kit with options for fancy add-ons. For $ 35, the package includes four 8-ounce burger patties, potato rolls, Roma tomatoes, shredded lettuce, four corn on the cob, and Love’s Signature Steak Rub. Customers can add a variety of venison sausages ($ 8 for four) and margarita kits ($ 40 for six), including the popular jalapeño cucumber margarita. Order now for collection on July 2nd or 3rd from the Test Kitchen on Love’s North Main Street. Delivery is also possible.

Toro Toro Pan Latin Steakhouse

The eye-catching Pan Latin Restaurant at the Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel reopened just a week ago and offers a multi-course dinner or pickup. The three-course option ($ 55) includes a selection of salads, ribeye, New York strips, filet mignon, grilled chicken, or New Zealand lamb chops as a starter, and tres leches cake or sopapillas for dessert. Or choose the four-course option ($ 68) with an extra side. Dinner is available on July 3rd and 4th. Watch a live stream of Fort Worth’s Fourth Fireworks Show on the restaurant’s flat screens while dining at the restaurant.

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