Popular Fort Worth brewery & pizza spot finds surprising new home

A Fort Worth Pizza and Beer Destination Is Advances: Fort Brewery & Pizza, the craft beer brewery and restaurant, will move to a spacious new facility northwest of downtown at 2737 Tillar Street.

According to a press release, the brewery will remain open at its current location near Southside while the new location is under construction. The opening is planned for April 2021.

The new facility is the former Parker Candy factory and enables Fort Worth Brewery & Pizza with an area of ​​25,000 square meters:

  • Increase in beer production

  • offer a larger seating area

  • have dedicated parking spaces

“We’re excited to bring an environment to Fort Worth that may well be one of the first COVID-inspired designs for all families,” said co-owner Will Churchill in a statement. He and his twin sister Corrie Watson opened the Magnolia Avenue location in March 2018.

The new facility will a sunroof It extends over a 3500 square meter outdoor terrace and can be used all year round and in all weather conditions.

The terrace has a familyfriendly Area with terrace games and offer opportunities for social distancing in an open air environment.

Sports fans will enjoy it multiple televisions Inside for game day, and couples enjoy intimate indoor dining, perfect for Date night.

The expanded facility will provide big windows This allows customers to view the brewing process.

A large-screen film projector makes this possible Movie nightsa stage is being built for Concerts and private outdoor cabanas is offered for rent.

An expanded beer and wine menu includes seasonal rotations, selters and mushy seltzeras well as a larger selection of Wines selected by the Cadillac Wines sommelier.

Murals by local Fort Worth artists will adorn and display the building Photo opportunities that are an integral part of any food or beverage experience.

Churchill and Watson are the great-grandchildren of the famous auto dealer Frank Kent in Fort Worth. For them, it’s all about the people, the friendships and the continuation of their family history.

“Our great-great-grandfather Carrol Peak came here with his wife Florence in 1854,” says Churchill. “Their children, Clara and Howard, were the first babies to be born in Fort Worth.”

“Carrol has spent his entire life helping Fort Worth grow,” he says. “He was Fort Worth’s first doctor, opened his first drugstore, founded the oldest surviving church, created the city’s first postal service, and founded the first public school.” With Fort Brewery & Pizza, we honor our heritage and continue building a community that We are all proud of. “

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