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Schaefer Advertising Co.

1228 S. Adams Street

Fort Worth, TX 76104




[email protected]




Account wins 7

Active business customers 34

Brands by 2020 sales

Branded Product Accounts held 19

$ 25 million or less 9

$ 25 to 50 million 8

$ 50 to $ 100 million 2


Advertising 30%

(Professional 85%, DTC 15%)

Digital / interactive 25%

Relationship Marketing 20%

Strategy 15%

Sales activation 10%




Visual sciences



UNT Health Sciences Center

On the corner of South Adams and Magnolia Avenues in Fort Worth, Texas, there is an advertising agency that knows the value of people, according to management. “From the patients filling out prescriptions and the surgeons performing procedures, to the people behind the desks in our office (we affectionately call them squirrels) and those who make up the community we are with We have always put people at the center of what we do. “

According to the management team, Schaefer Advertising is “an ambitious advertising agency” made up of “experts in creating stories and visual identities that not only set brands apart, but also drive them”.

“Over the past 25 years we’ve specialized in three industries, including healthcare,” say agency executives. “As we’ve grown, we’ve built strong relationships with many global health brands and brought some of the most innovative products and programs to the market. Our partners range from pharmaceuticals to medical devices, hospitals to health systems, local to global. Our work covers almost all media and categories. Everyone with one goal in mind – to make life better. “


Over the years we have been honored for our work in healthcare and most recently by PM360 for the best app / digital solution and by Medical Marketing and Media as “Best Workplace” in 2020. “Last year was difficult for everyone, but it was an opportunity for us to prove to our customers and ourselves that we really care about making the lives of others better, whether it’s a pandemic or not. We couldn’t be more grateful for the recognition. “


Schaefer Advertising offers customers full-service features that, according to the management team, compete with a company that is twice the size of the company. “From the market and brand strategy to creative concepts and digital activations, we represent an extension of the brand and contribute to fostering meaningful relationships between our customers and the patients, HCPs and the people they want to meet,” says the management. “But commitment is only part of it. Our fully integrated campaigns are not only for connection, but also for conversion. It depends on the results. Whether you’re driving regulatory compliance or wanting to bring a new device to market, people are at the forefront and data is our best friend. We use it to design and develop websites, apps, mobile devices, and pretty much anything with KPIs in mind. We know that our best can always be achieved and that is why we rely on data to research, analyze and optimize our work. When the world changes, so do we. “

“Schaefer has been in the industry for as long as we have and understands the human side of healthcare. People write scripts. People stick to treatment. People carry out procedures, ”says the agency. “So our strategy is simple: put people at the center of the process. We believe that targeted branding builds audiences and serves as the foundation for any great experience. And we use this lens to sharpen every idea. “

Ken Schaefer, President and Founder


According to those responsible for the agencies, culture plays an important role within the four walls of Schäfer. “One that grew when we moved our business online to accommodate the changes of COVID19. In order to strengthen the connections within the agency also from a distance, the company organized celebrations for the anniversary of virtual work with warm honors from colleagues and daily silver thread, in which the team members shared rays of light in their day to express the positivity during the Promote quarantine. “

Schaefer even set up an emergency cash fund for employees whose households may have been hit by a layoff or vacation. The management team points out that the employees felt “seen” and “supported” from the start of the pandemic.

“Even more important is that the agency’s philosophy with regard to transparency was founded by the employees and continues to do so,” say the executives at Schaefer. “At a time when everything was changing and feeling insecure, our president was a source of consistency. Take the time to send daily updates on the status of the agency, share the challenges we face together, and reassure the team about the future. “

Despite the fact that many employees live between 40 and 150 miles from Schaefer’s offices, the company owner personally delivered a sip of ice cream to each employee from a local artisanal dairy to spark much-needed joy and help a local business do it.

“Just as the challenges of our world are constantly evolving, so too does Schäfer for social impacts,” says management. “As an agency, we strive to be a driving force in the places where we live and work. From helping the small businesses that line the streets of our neighborhood to regional campaigns promoting healthier lives, we strive to make a positive impact whenever and wherever we can. “

In the early days of COVID-19, North Texans were looking for a reliable place to get information on local and national guidelines, according to officials. “We partnered with the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth to respond to the needs of our community in real time,” said company executives. “Create and launch a campaign that linked North Texans with accurate, relevant information about the pandemic. For many, DAYxDAY was more than a credible source of information and offered members of our community the opportunity to educate, empower and encourage the people in our community. “

Strategic partnerships with Texas news leaders such as the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star-Telegram, as well as local organizations such as the City of Fort Worth, Visit Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Tarrant County and Camp Fire First Texas has helped the agency Reaching messages of hope and help to more than a million people in their community, say Schaefer executives.

The agency is a firm believer in improving the communities it serves, and it starts within the agency: where differences are admired, original ideas are encouraged, and where the “staff” label gives way to companions. “The four walls we all share encourage self and team growth as we strive never to give up our pursuit of learning and continue to adapt to the forces that shape our outside world for the better.”

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