School Turns to Technology to Help Manage Nursing Office on Campus – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

So much looks so different in schools since the COVID-19 pandemic, while many people can’t wait to get rid of the mask and shields, some of the changes will remain … like the nurses’ offices.

Garland ISD went all-in on telemedicine. Last year, before the pandemic, they showed us a pilot program. Now, a year later, what they tested is now on every campus in the district.

With cameras and computers, nurses can call a doctor when they need one. This is thanks to a partnership with a company, Hazel Healthcare, that brings pediatricians to schools virtually.

“It is an extension of the school health service by providing school nurses with the ability to connect with a Hazel (healthcare) doctor, whether it be a virtual doctor or face-to-face with our distant children “said Kathryn Shreves, a nurse at Garland ISD.

During the pandemic, getting extra eyes to deal with the cases came in handy, but the school nurses tell us the ability to take photos and live streams with doctors will help them with things like broken bones in their daily lives.

“We can call someone up, we can use this service for something that we, as a school nurse, think is beyond our scope,” said Shreves.

The program was free this school year, but will work with parents and get most health insurance plans to take care of the kids right on campus so mom and dad don’t have to leave work and take the child to the doctor when they are 1 p.m. abdominal pains are popping up.

It’s a pandemic lesson that school nurses are excited about.

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