Scores from Fort Worth, TX restaurant health inspections

No Fort Worth restaurant last week exceeded 30 health code violations – the level that requires emergency corrective action – although some have been told they have had significant problems, city inspections show.

According to the inspections carried out last Saturday between April 18 and 24, a restaurant had to close until a supported floor drain was repaired.

Henderson’s chicken at 4600 Sycamore School Road was alerted during his inspection: “You must immediately close your food facility to the public until appropriate corrective action is taken.” that contamination was prevented ”, which led to a fuse in a kitchen floor drain.

According to a representative who answered the phone, the restaurant was open on Wednesday. This employee gave the number for one of the owners who refused to comment or give his name when he was reached by phone on Wednesday evening. He stated that he was still trying to find out what had happened.

The chicken restaurant received a total of 14 violations, which was a tie for the sixth most frequent. Five companies had higher totals, including Skillman Wok with 21 violations, the most out of all restaurants, and Mash’D with 19 violations, the second most common.

Skillman Wok at 9116 Camp Bowie West Blvd. was cited because of problems such as storing raw beef over fresh vegetables in the walk-in cooler and raw eggs over pasta.

Mash’d at 2948 Crockett Street was not keeping its chilled groceries at 41 degrees and had observed residue on shelves and appliances, violations show. External openings such as windows or doors were not “protected against the entry of insects and rodents” according to the inspections.

No restaurant had perfect results last week, but one, the Sheraton at 1701 Commerce Street, only had one breach.

Five restaurants had observed black or pink organics in ice machines – a frequent injury every week – and one had observed black organics on a gun nozzle. At least five facilities have been cited for not keeping food at the correct temperature. One restaurant was told that “pests are not controlled in the food facility,” violations show.

Interested parties can read Star-Telegram’s database of restaurant inspections from last week and search for key words or names of specific restaurants in the search bar. The Star Telegram publishes the latest reviews every week.

Here are the inspection results and violations for restaurants within Fort Worth city limits April 18-24, 2021. The results are based on a system of errors. If the total exceeds 30, the restaurant must take corrective action immediately for any critical violations identified and then has 48 hours to take corrective action for all other violations. Enter a keyword or restaurant name to search the restaurant inspections. You can also sort by score.

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