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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – As the European Union opens up travel to vaccinated Americans, the travel industry expects an increase in what many travelers refer to as “revenge trips”.

The problem is – we’re still in a pandemic.

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There are rules and regulations about what documents you need to travel safely and what tests you need to take to get there and back home.

However, this doesn’t stop Texans from looking for ways to get away.

Strong Travel Services’ Valerie Reese says the spring break was a turning point. People were vaccinated and wanted out.

“You know, I’m taking back a little bit of control on Covid like I’m going on this trip and I will surely do it because we can,” she said. “A kind of revenge on the last year when it was so difficult for many people.”

She was busy taking calls and booking trips after trying to cancel trips and receive refunds for a year.

“When you’re isolated, you long for that connection, whether it’s across town, to see your family across the country or out of the country,” she said.

The new problem is confusion over travel rules and regulations. What documents do you need to show that you are Covid-free? What verified documents do you need once you are fully vaccinated?

They’re different for each goal and change every day, Reese says. “We hope there will be a global standard soon,” she said.

For now, a simple “passport” has to wait for somewhere. There is no one global standard that is recognized by all goals. Instead, there are several ways to see if you have been vaccinated or had a negative Covid test. These records can be digital or on paper. The ones that are stored in apps on our phone are often referred to as “vaccination records”.

If you travel to Europe, the European Union has proposed the free “Digital Green Certificate” – an app or document that could make it easier to get there.

Israel has its Green Passport, which not only allows people to travel, but also to go to gyms, restaurants and concerts.

Individual airlines are introducing their own apps that track travel requirements and help travelers download the documents they need. United Airlines has a Travel Ready app. American released its VeriFly app earlier this year.

For example, if you are flying with Japan Airlines, you will need the VeriFly app. When flying to Hawaii, most airlines may require you to have the Common Pass, which is part of the Hawaii Safe Travel program.

The airline trading group IATA has launched its Travel Pass for dozens of its airline members.

Microsoft and the Mayo Clinic have made their own “verifiable copy of vaccination protocols”.

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Now many people have the paper card they received when they were vaccinated.

A global standard seems like a distant goal, says Victoria Walker, senior travel reporter at

“The US government has said they are kind of hands off next to a digital health or vaccination record,” she said. “You leave this type of implementation or introduction of vaccination records to the private sector.”

For now, Walker says the best thing to do is to create a travel folder on your phone to keep all the apps in one place, such as: B. the wallet you might have for airlines, hotels, or your favorite coffee spot.

Second, you know what you need where you are going. This requires research requirements for tests, vaccinations or quarantines.

And do you know that these requirements change every day. You may want to work with a travel agent or review the rules frequently.

Walker also says take a picture of your vaccination card in case you lose it. Also, put it in a plastic wrap protector or holder.

Consider using points on flights or hotels as prices go up and inventory goes down.

“My biggest recommendation is when you have a goal in mind. I would embark on this journey as soon as possible, ”said Walker.

Valerie Reece says be flexible with your dates and terms for flights and hotels.

Read the cancellation policy carefully.

Our experts say the best destinations to travel to right now:

–Greece and Ireland: Vaccination does not require testing or quarantines.
–Barbados: Vaccinated travelers receive a shorter quarantine.
–Mexico, the Caribbean, some South American countries, and Hawaii are popular destinations due to their currently lax quarantine rules.

As for places, our experts say there won’t be much travel in 2021.

– India and other parts of Asia – where the number of cases remains high
–And Canada, where the borders remain closed.

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The travel experts say don’t forget – if you leave the US, keep in mind that you will need to show a negative Covid-19 test to return.

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