Single Digit Temps Expected; Could Be Coldest Valentine’s Day Ever In DFW – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

DALLAS-FORT VALUE (CBSDFW.COM) – It was a difficult 24 hours with the weather turning bitterly cold and ice building up in parts of north and central Texas.

Unfortunately, we only expect temperatures to get colder as we approach the weekend and we have several more rounds of winter precipitation on the forecast.

The maximum temperature at DFW airport the day before, Wednesday 10th, was only 31 degrees.

The streets were already prepared for trouble, near or below freezing for most of the Wednesday day, and temperatures plummeted into the lower and mid 20s overnight.

We also saw showers rising from the south late Wednesday afternoon, and as they moved into the cold air over northern Texas, we saw the transition from rain to freezing rain and drizzle. Ice began to build up on the streets and it’s very difficult to see anything on a good day, let alone overnight or before dawn.

This resulted in many accidents, including the terrible buildup on I-35W in Fort Worth.

By Thursday afternoon, the temperatures here in North Texas will hardly be able to warm up from the 1920s, let alone above freezing.

As a result, icy / slippery spots remain a problem on the roads even after rainfall in North Texas comes to an end. Please also remember, if you travel south in central Texas on Thursday afternoon, you are expected to still deal with heavy frosting caused by heavy storms that create lots of freezing rain and sleet.

So your best bet is to stay home if you can.

We should take a short break from the winter weather Friday, but not from these winter temperatures.

And as we get closer to the weekend, temperatures will continue to drop as soon as the likelihood of snow in the region increases.

There could be a mix of sleet and snow on Saturday, with highs expected in the top 20s.

Sunday, Valentine’s Day, could be the coldest V-Day in North Texas, with highs forecast to be in the mid-20s.

The probability of snow increases on late Sunday and into Monday, while temperatures for teenagers and at the age of 20 are forecast to have lows close to the single-digit values.

You’ll also need to factor in the wind – it seems like temperatures could be as cold as the low single digits that start Sunday morning and last through the middle of next week.

We have to be ready to settle down in the next week or so.

The road conditions are dangerous. The temperatures become even more dangerous.

Please take care of yourself, your family and your neighbors. Don’t forget your pets or your pipes!

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