Spruce Up Your Spring Routine – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Lifestyle expert Josh McBride brighten up your spring routine with his latest list of must-have items.


Make-up remover wipes

Our gentle, ultra-soft makeup remover wipes effectively wipe away bacteria and dissolve 99.3% of your toughest makeup, even waterproof mascara – for clean, fresh-looking skin in just one easy step. The skin stays thoroughly clean without leaving any heavy residue, so you don’t have to rinse it off! Plus, they’re gentle enough to use around the delicate eye area, even if you’re wearing contacts.


Fade Defy PLUG

Febreze Fade Defy PLUG air freshener stays true to its name and delivers a first day that lasts a full 50 days (on the low setting). Ready to hit update and be an A + odor eliminator? Simply refill the Febreze Fade Defy PLUG and plug it into a socket in a high-traffic area of ​​your house … in the kitchen, bathroom or other places where smells like to linger. Bonus? When it is time to refill, the automatic air freshener will inform you with its practical low level indicator light.


Caring body wash for botanical flowers

We believe in the little things and all the big things that make them. While your body wash plays a small role in your life, we know that it can make a huge difference on your skin. That’s why we’ve added a bit of goodness to NIVEA Body Wash. NIVEA Body Wash with nourishing serum leaves the skin looking healthy and feeling nourished while it is gently cleansed. The sweet floral scent delights your shower and lets the skin smell nice.

Saint Liberty whiskey

Saint Liberty Whiskey recognizes unsung female heroes by showing a real bootlegger and their story on every bottle of Saint Liberty whiskey.

HomeWorx BY Harry Slatkin

Harry Slatkin is referred to as the “King” of home fragrance by the New York Times and is recognized worldwide as a leading expert in the home fragrance industry. HomeWorx is the best luxury lifestyle fragrance for your home. Known for our 4-wick 18 oz. Candles, HomeWorx is guaranteed to be the best candle in the world.

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