TCU grad’s gift service tops this week’s most-read Fort Worth stories

Editor’s note: A lot has happened this week so here is your chance to be caught up with. Read on for the week’s most popular headlines.

1. TCU graduates take a pandemic break by starting a bespoke gift service. When the pandemic cut Annie Combs’ senior year at TCU by two months, she didn’t get bored for long. She started putting together personalized gift packages to send roommates as pick-me-ups. Pretty soon a business was born. Combs started the Perk Concierge gift service when she found people were looking for simple gifts to send to loved ones when in-person collecting and gifting was impossible due to COVID-19.

2. The best Fort Worth restaurants open for Christmas 2020, in or to take away. With fewer ways to celebrate Christmas, the more a well-prepared meal will be appreciated, and the food and beverage world is ready to bid for it, whether you’re invited to dinner or meals are prepared for you to take away. Here are a few Fort Worth restaurants that serve special holiday dishes.

3. The Dallas-Fort Worth costume store is about to close after 44 years. Rose Costumes has designed and rented costumes to theater groups, schools, and seasonal events in Dallas-Fort Worth for 44 years. And if it doesn’t raise a significant amount of money soon, it will close its doors forever.

4. Dallas-Fort Worth joins the foodie elite with the opening of the Italian market café Eataly. The arrival of Eataly Dallas, which opened December 9th at the NorthPark Center in Dallas, would be a big deal even if it didn’t happen in 2020, a tumultuous year in the food and beverage industry that has unfortunately been decimated by the coronavirus. Eataly Dallas is a glimmer of hope that one day life could be back to normal and we can still have beautiful things.

5. New York Camp Christmas Cocktail Pop-up at the New Fort Worth Bar. A festive New York holiday cocktail tradition is in town: the Christmas themed Miracle pop-up bar debuts in Fort Worth, one of 90 US destinations . Miracle takes over existing bars and transforms them into a temporary Christmas bar. In Fort Worth, it has taken over Nickel City, which just opened in October.

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