Terminix Donates Bicycles to A Soldier’s Child – PCT

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Terminix Global Holdings has been donating bicycles to children through the A Soldier’s Child Foundation (ASC) for a year as part of its ongoing commitment to safety.

In March 2020, Terminix’s Houston offices began delivering bicycles to children as part of a local safety appreciation program through ASC, an organization that provides toys and birthday gifts to children of U.S. military service members who have lost a parent on duty donate .

To date, Terminix offices across Texas have donated 31 bikes to 14 families through the program, and it’s still going strong. Any branch in the region that works for a month without incident can donate a bicycle to a child that month.

Keith Davies, Terminix sales representative at the North Houston office, recently delivered a bike to a child who had lost a parent.

“It was very special, very rewarding,” said Davies. “At the end of the day, fallen soldiers are our heroes. If they give their lives defending our freedoms, sometimes a young child is left behind. In this way we can help these children and show them that we are grateful for their parents’ sacrifice. It’s a fantastic program. “

The partnership began during a field leadership summit in January 2020 when Terminix introduced its branch, service and sales directors to the organization. Each of the more than 1,200 participants was asked to bring a children’s toy to the meeting to donate to the organization.

Jim Odom, a Terminix Houston area sales manager, was so moved by the reaction of his teammates and the organization’s mission that he went to see Daryl JW Mackin, ASC founder and chief executive officer. Terminix’s relationship with the Foundation has taken root, and other offices have followed, particularly in the greater Houston area and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

“Terminix has been a great partner to the children we care for in the Texas area,” said Mackin. “It was a blessing to meet and connect with the company’s executives last year. I am thrilled that some of the managers stayed in touch and initiated ideas to do more for our ASC children. Because of this, Terminix passed on by sharing some joy with our families in the Dallas and Houston area. Every gesture of love and honor for these special American families will help heal their hurt hearts. They deserve to know that this is important to us and what they have done to us. “

Patrick Page, branch manager for Terminix Fort Worth, said, “When I came to Terminix, I realized we have some veterans on our team. My father was in the military for 20 years and that immediately connected us all. This program is a great way to give back to our community. We are humble to have the opportunity to work safely and to help others. “

Terminix is ​​dedicated to hiring and supporting veterans. The company is a partner of HirePurpose, an organization focused on helping transitional service members, veterans, and military spouses find careers. In 2020 Terminix was nominated for the Secretary of Defense Freedom Award, a prestigious award that honors places that go beyond supporting active members of a reserve force and their families.

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