Texas House Debates Permitless Carry – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Texas House was overcrowded as lawmakers held a marathon debate on the Texas House Bill in 1927. It would allow Texans who can legally own a firearm to legally carry it. The license would be an option. Texas MP Matt Schaefer (R-Tyler) supported the bill. The law was provisionally passed on Thursday by 84-56 votes. The final passage in the house is expected on Friday.

“This bill should be called ‘Common Sense Carry’ because this bill is about allowing citizens who abide by common law to carry handguns in public places for the common cause of personal and family protection. Under this law, people who are prohibited from possessing a pistol are still prohibited from possessing a pistol. Sensitive places where unauthorized carrying of a pistol is prohibited are still prohibited. However, if you are a law-abiding citizen aged 21 and over who can legally own a pistol, you can carry this pistol in a holster in public places where this is not otherwise prohibited, ”said Schäfer.

For hours, some legislators have tabled amendments to a bill that they don’t want to see as law.

“Members, there are many things that are wrong with our gun laws, but in my opinion at least one thing that is not wrong with them is our current gun-carrying system and one reason why the system works , the training requirement is that there is, and another reason I think is that there is essentially a background check, if you will. Before you can get your license, you must meet certain eligibility criteria, ”said Rep. John Turner, D-Dallas.

This problem occurred in previous sessions, but it did not pass. Law enforcement officials opposed it earlier this week, while Texas Republican Party leader Allen West spoke in favor.

To become law, the law must be passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate before it goes to the governor’s desk for signature.

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