The best barbecue spots in Dallas Fort Worth: 225 barbecue

From brisket cheesesteak to beef briar, the 225 BBQ is one of the most original and delicious menus in the region.

Arlington, Texas – National BBQ Month, Brisket is king in Texas. While it’s easy to find moist, thin, or chopped brisket in almost any part of the state, there are places in Arlington that take brisket to another level.

Rene Ramirez, owner of Arlington’s 225 Grill, said, “You had to throw a curve ball there and surprise people.”

The 225 grill is served by a small food trailer outside of Arlington’s Brewing Division, but the food is tasty.

Ramirez’s menu is full of surprises, including beef brambles, brisket erotica and quesadilla-wrapped tacos, keshitako.

“People never know what to expect,” said Ramirez. “”[They ask] ‘What’s on the menu? What’s this? What did you get this week I know that day. “

“They love to cook, so I think it’s fun to go,” said Daniel Vaughn, barbecue editor at Texas Monthly.

But Bourne says don’t be fooled. At 225, brisket on its own is one of the best you can get.

This is a bit of a surprise given that Ramirez had only smoked his first brisket in eight years.

He just smoked the brisket and proved that he could do it better than his brother. He didn’t even plan to smoke another.

In the end he did and he kept doing it. After completing the technique, he quit his job and started smoking meat full-time. It didn’t take long to think outside the hearth.

It also has other formulations like brisket cheesesteak, brisket burger, brisket nachos, and even what is called chicken baseball. It’s brisket-filled chicken and wrapped in bacon.

“Why do you get so many menu items from a food truck?” Asked Bourne.

One of the craziest formulations by Ramirez is the cherry blossom bomb.

“It’s a habanero wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cream cheese and brisket,” said Ramirez.

“He said there’s a man who comes and eats like a bomb made out of ten cherry blossoms and that’s his lunch, so yeah, stay away from that man’s bathroom,” jokes Bourne. Said.

Ramirez says he can make way more food than he is currently doing because so many people are lined up (for food, not in the bathroom). But it is spatially limited.

Ramirez can cook a ton of delicious food out of the trailer, but he wants to quickly build a shop where he can dream of an even crazier twist on a Texas grill.

Best BBQ Areas in Dallas Fort Worth: 225 BBQ Areas

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