The Frogs O’ War Fort Worth Food Bracket

We’re looking for the best restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas the only way we know: bracket style. Below you can find a selection of 64 of the best restaurants in Funkytown. You’ll also likely find that I’ve removed your favorite place to eat from our list. That’s okay, yell at me in the comments. I can take that.

We have divided the quadrants into four groups: Southwest, Mexican, Burgers / Pizza and Deli’s / Diners / Miscellaneous. I did it this way, rather than randomly or by location, because I felt that in order to get a venue out of any restaurant it should compete against similar venues in terms of the type of food served. But without further ado, here is the bracket. I know it’s hard to read so I’ve listed the first round matchups in each region. You can visit each region by scrolling down.

If you’d like to download a PDF of the full bracket, click PDF of the Food Bracket:

Southwest region

This region, along with the Mexican region, was the two groups with the most venues to choose from and you responded with tons of options for the Southwest region. It was difficult to make a cut at every point and I know someone goes crazy when something is left out or when it comes to sowing, but everything will be fine. There should be some interesting similarities as we go through this section.

First round:

# 1 The Woodshed vs. # 16 Shady Oak BBQ

No. 2. Angelos vs. No. 15 The BBQ Ranch

No. 3 Cattlemen’s Steakhouse versus No. 14 Michaels Restaurant and Ancho Chile Bar

No. 4 Railhead versus No. 13 Clay Pigeon

No. 5 Reata versus No. 12 Texas De Brazil

No. 6 Lonesome Dove vs. No. 11 Vidalia’s Southern Cuisine

No. 7 cousins ​​versus No. 10 Grace

No. 8 Riscky’s vs. No. 9 The Reservoir

Southwest Food Bracket

Mexican region

“Mexican” in this sense is a broad term that includes Tex-Mex, Mex-Mex, Latin, and so on. I entrusted some of these to people who replied on Twitter as I haven’t eaten in any of these places. But this is also the bracket I am most convinced of about how I sowed them all (which means very little, I probably screwed it up).

First round:

No. 1. Original Mexican Eats Cafe versus No. 16 Enchiladas Ole

No. 2 Joe T. Garcias vs. No. 15. The Asadero

No. 3 Benitos vs. No. 14 Esperanza

No. 4 Lemon Sauce vs. No. 13. Chimneys

No. 5 The Family vs. No. 12 The Molcajetes

No. 6 Fuzzy’s versus No. 11 Uncle Julio’s

No. 7 Melis Taqueria versus No. 10 Yucatan Taco Stand

No. 8 Mariposa versus No. 9 Tortilandia

Mexican food region

Burger / pizza region

I already know I will be yelled at for how I sowed things in this region. I tried to get pizza versus pizza and burger versus burger in the first round (there is one matchup that failed) but it affected how I seeded things. Everyone will survive, it will be fine.

First round:

No. 1 Rodeo Goat vs. No. 16 Whataburger

No. 2 Dutch versus No. 15 Tommy’s Grill

No. 3 Love Shack versus No. 14 Perrotti’s Pizza

No. 4 Red Dog vs. No. 13 Palios Pizza

No. 5 Kinkaids versus No. 12 Jakes

No. 6 Mommy’s Pizza versus No. 11 Pizza Snob

No. 7 Fred’s vs. No. 10 M&O station

No. 8 Mellow Mushroom vs. No. 9 Buffalo Bros.

Burger / pizza region

Deli / Diners / Other Region

I had the hardest time with this region as it is the region that I have visited the least. So i’m sorry. In this region between King Tut and East Hampton Sandwich Co. there is a play-in game for the 11-Seed.

Play-in game:

No. 11 King Tut versus No. 11 East Hampton Sandwich Company

First round:

No. 1 Bonnell’s versus No. 16 Szechuan

# 2 Vickery Blvd Cafe versus # 15 Chadra Mezza

No. 3 Spiral Diner against No. 14 Lucile’s

No. 4 Flying Fish vs. No. 13 Cafe Modern

No. 5 Grandma Nanny vs. No. 12 Cafe Bella

No. 6 brewed against No. 11 King Tut / East Hampton

No. 7 Yogi’s Deli versus No. 10 Carshon’s Deli

No. 8 Lili’s vs. No. 9 Old Neighborhood Grill

DDM Food Region

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