These are the 6 best things to do in Fort Worth this weekend

While many events in and around Fort Worth have either been postponed or canceled during the coronavirus pandemic, organizations have focused on virtual or socially distant events to keep the masses entertained when we need it most.

Below are the best ways to spend your free time this weekend. Although not every event takes place outside the home, they all promise a nice distraction from everyday life.

Friday January 22nd

Fort Worth Community Arts Center Presents Kelly Berry’s Opening Day: “Landmarks”

The Fort Worth Community Arts Center is presenting “Landmarks,” an exhibition of photographs by Kelly Berry. Berry’s Foodies series explores the people and places of traditional street food and walk-up dining. While its theme might be perceived as temporary, the milestone status that some of these vendors have in the community cannot be denied. From homemade burgers, street tacos, and snow cones, Berry captures the melting pot of Americana through vibrant colors. His rich images really serve the great taste these small cultural sites offer. The exhibition can be seen until March 20th.

The Museum of Modern Art in Fort Worth presents FOCUS: Leidy Churchman

American painter Leidy Churchman presents several new and current works in this new exhibition at Fort Worth’s Modern Art Museum. Echoing the postmodern idea that no subject is forbidden, Churchman’s images are wide and diverse, reflecting the sheer abundance and diffusion of images today. The pictures deal with topics as varied as animals, landscapes, subjects of Tibetan Buddhism, real estate advertising and remakes of works by other artists such as Henri Rousseau and Barbara Kruger. The exhibition can be seen until March 21st.

Magnolia in the modern age: no man’s land
No Man’s Land is a drama on the Texas-Mexico border that explores immigration, family, and culture issues through a head-to-head chase thriller. The film gives the audience a nuanced look at life along the border without taking sides, and takes a look at life in Mexico that is rarely seen in a US film. The film will be shown five times through Sunday at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum.

Kolby Cooper in concert

Country singer Kolby Cooper came from the city of Palestine in East Texas, just three years after graduating from high school, without a label or industrial machine. Since then, his songs have garnered millions of streams on Spotify and cemented him as the voice of the future for Texan country music. He’ll be playing in Billy Bobs Texas to support his 2020 EP, Vol. 3. 2.

Saturday 23 January

Evil Dead with live commentary from Bruce Campbell

Actor Bruce Campbell will host a worldwide virtual tour of the 1981 Sam Raimi classic Evil Dead, with live commentary from the star himself. Viewers can watch the movie with Campbell as he shares memories, stories, and anecdotes from the movie, and for a lucky few viewers, Campbell will even answer questions from the chat.

Scotty McCreery in concert

In the history of American Idol, there is a clear hierarchy of successful singers that the show produced. At the top are Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Adam Lambert. Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery is in the second row, but if he has a few more hit albums – his 2018 album Seasons Change was his third at # 1 – he’ll likely join that top tier. He’ll be playing in Billy Bobs Texas.

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