This week’s Fort Worth, TX restaurant inspection violations

In the second week of April, Fort Worth restaurants were cited for health code violations ranging from storing food at unsafe temperatures to growing black or pink organic matter in ice machines.

According to Star-Telegram’s weekly restaurant inspections review, there were no facilities with 30 or more violations between April 11 and April 17. When a Fort Worth company reaches this limit, it must immediately take corrective action for any critical violations.

However, there were still plenty of restaurants making long lists of quotes, including Macaluso’s Italian restaurant, which was the leader with 27 violations, and Brewed, which had 25.

At Macaluso’s, 2443 Forest Park Blvd., inspectors found that cooked food in the reach-in cooler had no covers, exposing it to possible cross-contamination. In addition, the inspectors found that the food in the walk-in cooler had no date on which it was prepared and that leftovers and scraps were observed.

Brewed, 801 W. Magnolia Ave., reportedly stored sliced ​​vegetables, sliced ​​fruits, and sauces in a cooler at 50 degrees, warmer than the required 41. According to inspections, bread pudding was stored under raw beef in a different cooler. There were no thermometers in all inlet coolers.

Four restaurants had 21 violations and there were four with 19.

One of the most common violations was the accumulation of black or pink organic matter in ice cream machines, which was recorded in more than 20 out of 60 restaurants. At least six restaurants were storing food at the wrong temperature, the violations show. Three restaurants were cited for insects or pests.

There were zero infractions in no restaurant last week, but two were getting closer – Joya’s Taqueria at 8000 Wichita St. and Juanitos Taqueria at 4150 Hemphill St. each received a single infraction.

Upon re-examination, Pacific Table at 1600 S. University Drive had six violations.

The Star Telegram provides an updated database of restaurant inspections every week. The inspections are from the previous week.

Here are the inspection results and violations for restaurants within Fort Worth city limits April 11-17, 2021. The results are based on a system of errors. If the total exceeds 30, the restaurant must take corrective action immediately for all critical violations identified and then has 48 hours to take corrective action for all other violations. Enter a keyword or restaurant name to search the restaurant inspections. You can also sort by score.

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