Top 2019 Fort Worth food stories include hot biscuits, queso brouhaha

Editor’s note: At the end of the year, we look back on the 10 most popular restaurant and bar stories of 2019. These are the openings, closings, and news that have devoured Fort Worth readers.

1. Where to Eat Now in Fort Worth: 5 Hot New Restaurants For November. That year, Fort Worth was crowned the 13th largest city in the United States – that’s tons of mouths to feed. Knowing we’re in the middle of a growth spurt, business concepts landed in Fort Worth with fast service, open kitchens, and bottomless mimosas. But the heartbeat of the city’s dining scene is the mom and pop eatery, usually run by those who know, live, and love Fort Worth. For the November issue of our monthly feature “Where to Eat” we have published news about five new family-run spots.

2. Fort Worth’s hot biscuit pop-up restaurant is taking the next big step. A hugely popular pop-up restaurant in Fort Worth has taken the next big step this year: The Hot Box Biscuit Club, which has been hosting monthly brunch pop-ups in restaurants across the city since 2016, has moved to 313 S. Main St. on Broadway Avenue. The restaurant is owned by Sarah Hooton and her partner Matt Mobley and opened on October 1st.

3. Where To Drink Now In Fort Worth: 5 Hottest New Decks To Enjoy Outside. Will the weather today be cold, warm, rainy or sunny? The answer in Texas in April was “yes”. But despite unpredictable outdoor conditions, it was time to sit and sip on the patio, and there were several new options in town ready to moisten the pipe. For the April issue of our Monthly Where to Go for a Drink, we’ve got five of Fort Worth’s hottest new courtyards for Spring 2019.

4. One of the original restaurants on Seventh Street in Fort Worth is closing. One of the original restaurants on Crockett Row suddenly closed in the fall and fans shed some tears. The Terra Mediterranean on West 7th closed its doors on October 23rd after the buffet lunch. The restaurant had been there for almost a decade.

5. Fort Worth chef Grady Spears’ Horseshoe Hill Cafe is sued for queso. Queso is a topic so serious in Texas that it has been the subject of a lawsuit between two restaurants. On June 28, Austin Restaurant Matt’s El Rancho filed a lawsuit against Horseshoe Hill Cafe, Chef Grady Spears’ Fort Worth restaurant, for having its proprietary Bob Armstrong Dip on its menu. A few weeks later, Spears broke his silence and told us through his lawyer that he had the dish on his menu as a tribute with the creator’s blessing.

6. The trendy new Nashville Hot Chicken restaurant rules the neighborhood in Fort Worth. Nashville-style fried chicken was hot in several ways this year, and Fort Worth landed a new place to get it. Rule The Roost opened in Westworth Village on August 20th and serves this ultra-trendy, hot-spicy roast chicken in a variety of configurations.

7. The Grand Steakhouse and Rooftop Bar will fuel the Fort Worth Sinclair Hotel. The Sinclair Hotel, which opened on October 31st in a stunning historic building, was one of the largest openings in downtown Fort Worth. In July, we broke the news that there will also be an exciting, chef-run restaurant: Wicked Butcher, a modern steakhouse from DRG Concepts that owns such places as Dallas Chop House, Dallas Fish Market, Chop House Burger and Wild Salsa. The restaurant is expected to open in January 2020.

8. A new grill restaurant with a soulful touch opens on the east side of Fort Worth. A new grill restaurant has been set up on the east side of Fort Worth thanks to a chef who adds a soul-food touch to his food. It was called Smoke-A-Holics BBQ and it was on Evans Ave. in July 1417. Hosting of popups.

9. 8 best new restaurants in Fort Worth compete for top award – vote now. The 2018 CultureMap Tastemaker Awards, our annual event honoring the best local food and drink, included awards for top chefs and restaurants, as well as a party in April hosted by acclaimed Executive Chef Dean Fearing. We’re reserving one category, The Best New Restaurants, so readers can use our Tastemaker Tournament to choose a bracket-style competition that pits eight new restaurants against each other. Here we presented the nominees who were vying for the title. (And here’s who won.)

10. Where to Eat Now in Fort Worth: 8 Out-of-Town Dining Restaurants. In December we focused on an immediate holiday need: where should your holiday visitors be taken? For our December restaurant, we’ve rounded up the eight best Fort Worth restaurants to cater to out of town diners.

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