Where to Find Chamoy-Covered Dulces Enchilados in Dallas-Fort Worth

Given that there are literally hundreds of millions of TikTok users around the world, it’s not surprising that the social video app has had a huge impact on food trends. That’s certainly true in Dallas, where the spicy-sweet – and virally popular – candies known as Dulces Enchilados are popping up all over the city.

And despite the ephemeral nature of the app, this candy trend has been going on at TikTok for more than a year. There are currently thousands of videos on TikTok showing how dulces enchilados are made, which roughly means “spicy candy”. A variety of sweets, from cones to gushers to gummy bears, are soaked in chamoy syrup and then tossed in flavorful tajin spice. Sometimes other ingredients like powdered sugar, lime juice, and Lucas candies in flavors like mango or watermelon are added to the mix. The resulting delicacies are characterized by the longing, spicy-sweet-sour taste profile that is common in Mexican sweets such as pulparindo and salsaghetti.

Thanks to the growing popularity of dulces enchilados, the candies are now available in a variety of locations across the Metroplex. From BBQs to up-and-coming Instagram stores delivering those flavorful, sticky candies right to your door, this is where dulces enchilados can be found in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Nubia’s drive-thru

Most of the folks on the way to Nubia’s drive-thru – which isn’t actually a drive-thru, but its current owners have kept the name as a tribute to its original location – are in search of the juicy, cheesy birria tacos and huge slushies of the store’s Kool-Aid pickles or candy. But don’t sleep on the selection of dulces enchilados that sit on the counter. At a price between $ 10 and $ 12 for a pint container, you’ll find cones, gushers, gummy bears, and other candies that make for a perfect post-taco snack. (Tip: bring cash or be ready to pay with Venmo or CashApp.)

Nubias Drive-Thru, 4002 Urban Avenue, Dallas.

Chamoy treats

As the name suggests, candies coated with Chamoy are the focus of this Rowlett candy supplier. There is a huge variety of sweets on offer including sour cones, Jolly Rancher chews, peach rings, Fruit By The Foot and tropical starbursts. Prices range from $ 6 to $ 10. According to the shop, all orders are made fresh and can be picked up on the same day. Do you need something to wash off all of those candy? Ask for freshly made Agua Frescas in flavors such as Horchata and Jamaica. Chamoy Treats only accepts orders through its Instagram and Twitter accounts. Send a direct message for more information about the menu, ordering, and pick-up and delivery options.

Zavala’s grill

As if the juicy brisket and snappy sausages weren’t reason enough to head to Grand Prairie, Zavala’s Barbecue put Dulces Enchilados on the menu last week. “We wanted to bring a new dessert to the menu,” a restaurant representative told Eater. “It felt right.” A variety of sweets are on offer each week, including gushers and chamoy-coated gum worms.

Zavalas Barbecue, 421 West Main Street, Grand Prairie

Enchiloso Drip

Fort Worth-based Enchiloso Drip’s menu includes dulces enchilados such as gushers, skittles, gummy bears, sour patch watermelons, and pineapple skwinkles. The store also sells chamoy-based rim paste, an equally popular candy that is used to coat the rims of beer cans, white claws, and pretty much any cocktail. To order, send the shop a direct message on Instagram and be prepared to pay exact cash upon pickup in southwest Fort Worth.

Spice Cvndy

Available in both original and spicy versions, Spice Cvndy prides itself on being the “first and only” Dulces enchilados supplier to sell chilli-coated candies against the effects of heat. This Instagram shop ships nationwide with local pickup and delivery in Dallas-Fort Worth, which means there’s really no reason not to bother with chamoy-soaked lifesavers, mango gums, peach rings, or a mix of all of these over. Follow Spice Cvndy on Instagram for more information on how to order.

Do you know a large local supplier who flings dulces enchilados? Write us an email with the details at [email protected]

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