Where to Find Crispy Korean Corn Dogs in Dallas-Fort Worth

Dallas loves nothing more than an over the top food trend, and Korean hot dogs definitely deliver. Much like the traditional American-style corn dog, Korean dogs are often encrusted in potatoes or panko and stuffed with fillings like squid ink and cheese.

These stick snacks are both visually interesting and completely decadent. They’re both perfect Instagram fodder and a top-notch remedy for the nibbles. In the past few months, Corn Dog Shops have popped up all over DFW, serving up their own unique riffs for the classic Korean street food snack. You can find it here.

Oh! K dog & egg toast

Home to two trendy Korean street foods – cheesy egg toasts are also on the menu – Oh K Dog serves twelve different types of corn dogs, each worth a try. There is the Classic Dog, which is just a Weiner dipped in batter and encrusted in panko, or the Squid Dog, which is dipped in a squid batter and filled with mozzarella. The end of the dog is also cut to resemble an octopus. This is a particularly delightful snack. For people who don’t like hot dogs, oh! The K Dog also serves skewered rice cakes dipped in batter.

Oh! K Dog, 2625 Old Denton Road, Carrollton

K dogs

The K-Dogs is located in the food court on the second floor of the Stonebriar Center in Frisco and is served on a stick. There are classic cheesy corn dogs, both Korean-style and made with a traditional cornmeal batter, along with sour cream and onion potatoes. Wash everything with a freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade.

K-Dogs, 2601 Preston Road, Frisco

Unicorn dog Irving

Unicorndog is in a tiny bright yellow room just across the street and is well worth the drive to Irving. Here you’ll find corn dogs crusted with Flamin ‘Hot Cheetos, bacon, and stuffed with jalapeno cheddar francs. For dessert, you’ll find funnel cakes and towering cups of shaved ice with ice cream.

Unicorn Dog, 3048 Belt Line Road, Irving

Two hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs

Trends collide at this newcomer to Grand Prairie, where Korean corn dogs dipped in flavorful Nashville-style spices await. Two Hands is known for its characteristic mix of spices and sauces, which harmonizes spicy, sweet and savory. The menu also includes horchata slushies, tater tots showered in hot cheetos sprinkles, and classic American-style corn dogs.

2625 West Pioneer Parkway, Suite 213, Grand Prairie

Frank Seoul Frisco

This self-described “Fried Snack Cafe” serves nine different types of corn dogs, from dogs stuffed with cream cheese and jalapeno sausage to cheese on a stick to the Seoul Ang Dog stuffed with red bean paste. Diners can even combine slices of cheese-stuffed corn dogs with chewy tteokbokki in a bowl.

9292 Warren Parkway, Suite 130, Frisco

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