Why should the Fort Worth mayoral election be nonpartisan? 

We need to bring the Republican / Democratic dynamic into local politics, writes Richard Rimestad of Fort Worth.

We need to bring the Republican / Democratic dynamic into local politics, writes Richard Rimestad of Fort Worth.


More partiality needed

Enough of this impartial mayoral election. There is no such thing as bipartisanism because political views invade all aspects of life and all levels of government. I want to know which party each candidate is affiliated with. Without them, they won’t get my vote.

– Richard Rimestad, Fort Worth

I just wanted a bastard

I love the new Rangers ballpark but the food service is terrible. It took two and a half innings to get food on Friday night. It was three innings on Saturday night. The concession stands are all understaffed and the contractor must also prepare the order. Fans use the kiosks to order and eventually walk away.

It’s an embarrassment for the Rangers and a tremendous show of disrespect for the fans. I’ll eat on the way to the ballpark from now on.

– Paul M. Jones, Crowley

Power was badly administered

Now it starts again: Consumers are asked to conserve their electricity consumption. (April 14, 8A, “ERCOT urges Texans to save electricity when demand rises”) All I hear from the state are excuses and a “band-aid” approach. How embarrassing that a state of energy cannot provide electricity to its customers.

Sunday’s cover story, “New Homes, Demand, Rising Prices in North Texas,” said more than 40,000 new homes will be built in the Dallas-Fort Worth area this year, more than any other metropolitan area in the United States provide enough power for companies planning to move to Texas? What about EV charging stations?

– Lorraine Stafford, North Richland HIlls

Low demand, low supply?

Why should an ordinary Tuesday in April – with a high temperature of 78, perfect weather that doesn’t require either heating or cooling – suddenly be another grid congestion that triggers a warning from the Texas Electric Reliability Council? Where are the people at the top who are supposed to be responsible for our fabulous independent energy system that is free from federal oversight?

– Wendy Stoecker, Arlington

Yes, a spin-off is possible

Referring to Bud Kennedy’s column on Texas Secession (April 11th 1st Century, “Remember the Alamo, But Forget Secession”), Kennedy doesn’t speak for all of us. Regardless of what he might think of the legality and the possibility of a secession, that story has not yet been written. He should go back and ask King George III about it.

– Art Bullard, Granbury

Hits too close to home

The editor who picked Tuesday’s Jack Ohman of The Sacramento Bee (11A) cartoon about the impact of big business money on politics must have overlooked that Lockheed Martin was the largest flag in the center. Was this a good, eye-catching choice for one of Fort Worth’s largest employers?

– David White, Fort Worth

Unfortunately, “slave trade” is not a shock

The front page story on Tuesday about the Aledo High School students holding a slave auction on social media left him appalled but not surprised. (“Aledo Students Disciplined for” Slave Trafficking “on Social Media”) I’ve been in Parker County for 22 years and have found many there to subscribe to the white supremacist nonsense. Republican dominance brought more hatred and evil to light.

After Barack Obama’s election as president, I saw more direct threats of violence and hateful acts in churches, gun stores, and friends and neighbors. Fox News was a big factor, and Donald Trump gave evil permission to travel even faster. Consequences are important to everyone.

– Jeri Chilcutt, Benbrook

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